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Cobs Pop'd Chips 110g

Cobs Pop'd Chips 110g

Looking for a healthier chip, popped full of flavour?

Then get ready for a new style of chip called Pop’d Chips.

Pop’d Chips are air popped to perfection, ensuring they have all the crunch and flavour burst of a regular chip, but better for you. Made from a super-crunch blend of potato, rice and corn, Pop’d Chips are now available in 4 delicious flavours.


  • Natural Colours & Flavours
  • At Least 60% less Fat than a Regular Potato Chip
  • Naturally Low in Gluten
  • 100% Sunflower Oil – High Oleic
  • Made in a Nut Free Facility
  • GM Free ingredients
  • Vegan
  • No Added MSG
  • Kosher (Sea Salt flavour only)
  • 12 x 110g